124562 WA48212A Interested persons are invited to comment on the following wireless telecommunications facility named "WA48212A" located at 302 NE 2nd St., Winlock, Lewis County, WA, and specifically on potential effects to historic properties located at or near this facility, if any. The site consists of a proposed height increase to an existing monopole to a new height of 179'. Comments regarding potential effects to historic properties should be submitted by email to KerryWilloughby@AceEnvironmentalLLC.com. Address: 9976 Peak Lookout St., Las Vegas, NV 89178, (702) 614-4431. This notice is provided in accordance with the regulations of the FCC 47 CFR Part 1, Subpart I and Appendices B and C. Published: The Chronicle December 6, 2022

Posted 12/31/1969