130110 NOA & MDNS NOTICE OF APPLICATION AND MITIGATED DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE SEPA #: 20240165 Date: 5/17/2024 Description of proposal: Construct two 4-story apartment buildings, each containing 16 units, and all associated infrastructure. Proponent: RJ Development Location of proposal: 215 N Pearl St. Date of Application: March 21, 2024 Date of Notice of Completeness: April 8, 2024 Lead agency: Centralia Community Development Project Permits: SEPA, Civil Plans, Building Environmental Documents on file: SEPA Checklist, Geotechnical Report, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Traffic Memo The City of Centralia Community Development Dept. has determined this project does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment with mitigating conditions. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the City. The proposal will include mitigation measures under applicable codes and the project review process may incorporate or require mitigation measures regardless of whether an EIS is prepared. This information is available to the public upon request. Notes and conditions: 1. Work may not commence until all required permits and approvals are obtained. 2. Pursuant to CMC 16.04.100.F and CMC 16.04.160.B, mitigation fees will be required for adverse impacts related to traffic, schools, floodplain, etc. that cannot be mitigated by development plan alteration(s). The exact amount of the fee(s) will be determined at the time of civil and construction plan review and must be satisfied prior to the issuance of any permits. 3. In the event In the event any archaeological or historic materials are encountered during project activity, work in the immediate area (initially allowing a 100' buffer depending on circumstances) must stop, conditions and recommendations of the Cultural Resources Report must be followed and the following actions taken: a. Implement reasonable measures to protect the discovery site; including but not limited to, covering, stabilization, etc. b. Take reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of the discovery site. c. Take reasonable steps to restrict access to the discovery site. d. The proponent shall notify the concerned Tribes and all appropriate local, state and federal agencies including the Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the City of Centralia Community Development. The agencies and Tribe(s) will discuss possible measures to remove or avoid cultural material, and will reach an agreement with the project proponent regarding actions to be taken. 4. Prior to the issuance of any development permits a boundary line adjustment, deed, and/or other legal means of title transfer will be required. 5. Conditional Use Permit approval must be obtained prior to the issuance of any permits. This MDNS is issued under WAC 197-11-350; the City of Centralia will not act on this proposal for 15-days from the date of publication. Comments due by: 6/7/2024. Comments, questions and/or inquiries may be directed to: Responsible official: Hillary Hoke Position/title: Asst. Director, Centralia Community Development Phone: (360) 330-7684 Email: hhoke@cityofcentralia.com Address: PO Box 609, Centralia WA 98531 The complete application may be viewed at the Community Development Dept. located at 118 W Maple, Centralia, WA 98531, during regular business hours, M-F. Any person(s) may comment on the proposal, in writing, via mail or email at the addresses above. You may appeal this determination to City of Centralia - Community Development. All appeals must be filed in writing, with the appropriate fee, by 5:00 pm on 6/14/2024. You should be prepared to make specific factual objections. If you have any questions regarding the SEPA or appeal processes please contact the Responsible Official. Published: The Chronicle May 21, 2024

Posted 5/21/2024