2B SWW Football League Crossover Details


With a restructured league, teams in COVID-19 protocol and rescheduled games on a week-to-week basis, crossover play at the end of the Washington high school football regular season will be anything but simple. 

Postseason scenarios will likely not be decided until the very last league games are played the week of Oct. 28. In an email, Adna head coach K.C. Johnson outlined how 2B Southwest Washington crossover play will be organized in the coming weeks. 

Crossover play will take place on Nov. 5 and 6, due to the official shortage. The No. 1 teams from the North and South divisions will play the fifth-best teams by record in the opposing division. The second-ranked teams in each division will play the fourth-ranked teams in the opposing division that same weekend. 

What’s new this season is the inclusion of the 2B Northwest League (which includes Friday Harbor and Coupeville). The regular-season champion of the NWL will participate in a coin toss with the third-ranked teams in each division of the SWW league. 

The two winners of the coin toss will compete in a play-in game on Nov. 1. If the NWL team is one of the two teams that win the toss, they will travel, if the coin toss favors two teams from the SWW league, the game will be played at a neutral site. Additionally, the game will be a half game, unless the coaches agree they’d rather play a full contest. 

The winner of the play-in game will host the loser of the coin toss the weekend of the full crossover, Nov. 5 and 6.