5th Stafford Creek Corrections Center Inmate Dies of COVID-19 Tuesday


A fifth person incarcerated at Aberdeen's Stafford Creek Corrections Center died due to COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The person died at a community healthcare facility, according to news release from the state Department of Corrections. The total number of confirmed cases at the Stafford Creek facility had reached 1,167 as of Tuesday, according to state data.

The Stafford Creek Corrections Center currently has about 1,840 people which is near the total capacity of 1,942, according to the release. In the 30 days prior to Monday, there have been 148 COVID-19 cases among the incarcerated population there, the release read.

Stafford Creek is also one of two corrections facilities in the state where a staff member has died due to COVID-19 since the start of pandemic. Correctional Officer David A. Christensen died Dec. 29 — the first to die at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center and the second statewide.

The inmate's death Tuesday brings the total number of deaths due to COVID-19 at DOC facilities to 14, according to DOC. The department, which incarcerates about 15,000 people, has seen a total of 6,066 confirmed cases.

Airway Heights Corrections Center has reported 181 cases in the last 30 days and five deaths in all, the data show. Coyote Ridge Corrections Center and the Washington State Penitentiary have each previously reported two deaths, according to the data.

As of Tuesday, the DOC has 343 incarcerated people in isolation and 1,010 people in quarantine, the data show. Those who are isolated are symptomatic while those who are quarantined are not symptomatic but may have been exposed to an inmate who was contagious.

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