70th Anniversary Announcement: LeRoy and Bertha Bluhm


Bertha (Muller) and LeRoy (Lee) Bluhm met at a Napavine High School game in February 1950. She was in her senior year, and he had just finished two years in the Navy. She was 18 and he was 20.

They were married six months later, on Sept. 20. This week, they are celebrating their 70th anniversary.

After they were married, Lee spent several years doing various jobs, including working with his brothers in construction and being a door-to-door salesman selling pots and pans.

Bertha still uses those same pots and pans to this day. Eventually he landed a job with the Union Pacific Railroad as an engineer. He worked there for more than 30 years, retiring in 1990.

Bertha raised four children (who are five years apart in age) and worked sometimes as well. She was a secretary at the steam plant when it was being constructed and spent several years as the administrator for the Evaline School.

They have lived in Chehalis (in the Old Coffman House on St. Helen’s Avenue), a farm in Winlock, Seattle and their current residence is in Littlerock. They never moved far from home (Napavine) and their extended family.

They had four children, who then gave them eight grandchildren. Currently they have six great-grandchildren.

Today, Bertha still enjoys being outside tending her flower beds and herb garden. LeRoy mows the lawn and tends his garlic, but he would rather be watching sports — any sports on TV.


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