9-Year-Old Girl Attacked by a Cougar Joins Biologist on Cougar Capture in Northeast Washington


A 9-year-old girl who was attacked by a cougar in May in northeast Washington is out of the hospital and facing her fears. The girl, Lily, was playing hide and seek near Fruitland, Wash. when a cougar pounced on her sending her to the hospital where she received more than 400 stitches.

This week Lily Kryzhanivskyy joined Bart George, a Kalispel Tribal biologist on a cougar capture in northeast Washington. The capture was part of George's multi-year study looking at the most effective ways to scare cougars away from humans.

According to a Stevens County Sheriff's office post George and other northeast houndsman had been in touch with Kryzhanivskyy's family and "invited Lily to accompany them to remove the collar from a cougar they had been studying." The cougar was then released back into the woods.

Lily's father, Yuri Kryzhanivskyy, said the family wasn't ready for a full interview but he did write in a text that "Lilly had a blast (and so did we!)."