Bill Moeller Commentary: All Bets Off — But the Sun Still Shines!


So, you may have been wondering where I’ve been. Or maybe where I am?

It all culminated in a “not unexpected” experience about a month ago.

If you’ve been keeping tabs, I have had several falls over the past year or so and the joke was, when would the next big one happen? Now, we have an answer for those of you who placed bets!

I was comfortably seated on a chair that had been specially equipped with wheels so that I could transport myself easily from my parked vehicle to my usual position in the demonstration in front of the library as one of the longtime members of the Veterans for Peace.

Then, the unexpected events happened so fast, I’m not sure I can accurately describe them. All I remember was that, suddenly, I was lying on my side in front of the library at George Washington Park and, thankfully, not in any traffic lane.

At least three members of the group had medical backgrounds and immediately called for transportation to the hospital.

Once again, I resisted, just as I had done before when I tripped and landed on my face on Main Street. But, against my orders and claims that I was OK, the ambulance arrived soon thereafter and I was loaded and transported to Providence Centralia Hospital.

I’m not sure if they have a bed set aside for me on a regular basis at this point. It might be worth mentioning that I was so confused — or sedated — that I don’t know how long I resided there before being  transferred to the Sharon Care facility, which is just a little more than a block from my home where my cat, Sam, keeps the home fires burning until I can rejoin him.

How long I’ll remain here has not been determined and the lack of my computer keyboard had prevented me from sharing this information with you earlier.

On the positive side, when going through an experience like this, beautiful things often emerge.

For instance, when I sat down for dinner in the dining room facility, it just happened to be with four other people I already knew!

I had known them from small town activities, and it is not a bad way to remind a person of a more active youthful life — in everything  from sharing the limelight in college plays to, then, sharing other  community activities throughout one’s life in our small community leading to wonderful memories. If we can remember them!

Not to mention, there is also the accumulation of many friends over the years. Like, when I fell and was lying on the concrete, a good friend, Anne, along with several others, was immediately there, asking if I was all right?

And I’ve learned that the other attendees for “peace in our world” have already bundled  together to replace the satanic chair that began this whole episode.

Anne has continued to support me, as has my son, Matthew, and his wife, Lanita. They keep my garden in shape and my kitty, Sam, well fed and comforted.

So, at this point, I don’t know how long it will be before life returns to “normal.” Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas?

Until then, stiff upper lip and remember that life is still sweeter than the alternative. And I’m enjoying speaking with friends at dinner now.

Unless another calamity befalls me, this newspaper will entertain you — I hope — with a few  of the “classical” columns you’ve told me you enjoyed over the years, along with a few new ones from my new headquarters.


Bill Moeller is a former entertainer, mayor, bookstore owner, city council member, paratrooper and pilot living in Centralia. He can be reached at