Boy Scouts Lend a Hand Removing Ivy at Seminary Hill Natural Area


The Seminary Hill Natural Area in Centralia recently received some help from the hands of Boy Scout Troop 373.

“Thank you to Scout Troop 373,” the nonprofit Friends of the Seminary Hill Natural Area recently wrote on Facebook. “They worked all day on May 1 with our ivy expert, Judy Bell, pulling ivy out of trees and digging up ivy roots.”

According to the post, ivy is an invasive species that the nonprofit is constantly battling in the Seminary Hill Natural Area.

“Once it starts climbing up trees it's especially troublesome,” the group wrote. “It robs the trees of nutrients, and when it reaches the top of the trees where there's more sunlight, it forms berries, which allow the seeds to be spread far and wide.”

Learn more about the natural area by visiting the Friends of the Seminary Hill Natural Area on Facebook.