Bucoda Prepares for Record Flooding, Sets up Emergency Operation Center


According to Bucoda Mayor Steven Purcell, Bucoda-area residents have been issued a notice to be prepared for evacuation.

The Skookumchuck River at Bucoda is now forecast to reach record highs, which will cause major flooding, inundating homes and roadways. 

The town has now set up an emergency operation center based out of the fire station, and is taking in people who may be displaced by the flood at the community center. People will be welcome to stay there overnight, and Purcell is trying to organize other services for them including breakfast.

“We’ve now got notice that this is going to surpass the 1996 flood,” Purcell said, but added later he has some hope because: “The thing about the Skookumchuck is, as quickly as it rises, it goes back down as quickly. They’re looking at it cresting tomorrow around 10 a.m.”

Roads out of Bucoda to the north, he said, are currently clear and open. South of Bucoda, last he heard, was also driveable. However, he said: “That could change by the time I hang up.”

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