Centralia High School Struck by Vandal 


An unknown vandal reportedly tore off multiple soap and sanitizer dispensers, as well as paper towel rolls, from the wall and deposited them into toilets at Centralia High School on Friday, a newsletter from the principal reads.

“It is with a good deal of frustration and sadness that I share with our students and families the news from Friday regarding a ridiculous amount of vandalism that took place all over our campus,” read a Sunday newsletter from Principal Josue Lowe, characterizing the incident as “disturbing.”

Lowe called for respect for each other and the physical environment, and said he was soliciting any information about the incident or the person who vandalized campus. Anyone with information is encouraged to anonymously contact him at his email, jlowe@centralia.wednet.edu.

“Also, please know that the students who participate in these kinds of actions will face not only school consequences, but also law enforcement consequences,” he wrote.




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"Unknown Student is a Hooligan"

Must have been a slow news day

Monday, September 13