Centralia Man Charged With Assault After ‘Road Rage Incident’


A Centralia man is facing assault charges after he was involved in a “road rage incident” on Jan. 11 where he allegedly aggressively rear-ended another vehicle multiple times.

Witnesses reported seeing a Mustang pull up at a stop sign at the intersection of East Cherry and South Diamond streets, followed shortly by a blue Honda. The Honda reportedly rear-ended the Mustang at the stop sign. Then, when the Mustang started driving away, the Honda allegedly followed it and rammed into the Mustang several more times.

Video of the incident supported witness testimony and police were able to identify and interview the driver of the Mustang, who reported the driver of the Honda was a former roommate: 52-year-old Christopher Chapman.

Police were eventually able to contact and interview Chapman, who allegedly admitted to being involved in the altercation but claimed the alleged victim was the aggressor.

“Chapman had no explanation when confronted with the fact that the video and numerous witnesses indicated that he was in fact the aggressor,” according to court documents.

Chapman was arrested on Jan. 14 and has been charged with second-degree assault, domestic violence.

While his bail was initially set at $20,000, Prosecuting Attorney Paul Masiello recommended that Judge James Lawler reduce Chapman’s bail to $10,000 during Chapman’s preliminary appearance on Jan. 18 due to Chapman’s lack of prior criminal history.

Masiello also requested a no-contact order protecting the victim.

Lawler granted both requests and scheduled Chapman’s arraignment hearing for Thursday, Jan. 20.