Centralia Wins Second to Last Tune-Up Before Postseason Play


Playing for the first time in truly rainy and wet conditions, the Centralia boys golf team defeated Shelton at Riverside 259-282. 

Von Wasson led the way as match medalist, scoring a 38 on his home course in the rain. Not far behind was Cole Wasson, who shot a 40.

Behind them, Brady Sprague scored a 57, Mateo Guerrero scored a 61, and Wyatt Baumal hit a 63 in a well-rounded effort. 

“Today they had to hold it together, it was pouring all game,” Tigers coach Hal Gronseth said. “We’ll see if we can keep this effort going into tomorrow and postseason next week.”

The Tigers have once last home competition against Aberdeen Thursday before league qualifiers next Monday at Riverside.