Construction on New Centralia Starbucks Location Continues


Contractors with Starbucks Corp. are building a new drive-through and in-store dining location in an existing building shell located at the corner of Harrison and Belmont avenues.

The 2,200-square foot building, located just off the interstate at 1100 Harrison Ave., will be able to seat 40 people inside and nine outside, according to planning documents submitted with the City of Centralia.

The new location most notably will feature drive-through ordering, a service that’s been integral to coffee shop businesses since the onset of COVID-19 and one that’s not offered at a current location across the street near the Harrison-Johnson Road intersection. A spokesperson with Starbucks Corp. wasn’t able to comment by press deadline on if the company was planning on moving the existing store over to the new location.

Documents show the new coffee shop’s drive-through window will be located on the north side of the building, away from traffic along Harrison Avenue.

Other features of the new Starbucks location include indoor and outdoor dining, dining tables and variable seating and restrooms. The shop will also utilize previously-existing public parking spaces north and south of the shell, totalling more than two dozen spots, and landscaping.

The shell at 1100 Harrison Ave. has previously housed other businesses, most recently Columbia Bank.



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