Damian Lillard expresses interest in owning a piece of the Trail Blazers


Recently, former Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard was asked if he would be interested in owning a piece of the team he spent 11 years with.

“Absolutely, absolutely, I’d definitely be a participant in that,” he told Landon Buford of LandonBuford.com.

Plausible? Possibly.

Lillard, traded to the Milwaukee Bucks last offseason, through game checks and endorsements will clear $500 million in earnings when he is done playing. The Blazers, owned by the Paul Allen estate, is supposed to be sold at some point. So, it’s possible Lillard could be involved with the group that eventually purchases the team.

When that might happen is anyone’s guest. Blazers chair Jody Allen has repeatedly said over the last two years that the team is not for sale. In 2022, she rejected an offer to purchase the team made by Nike founder Phil Knight.

Before Lillard and the Bucks played at the Blazers on Jan. 31, Lillard said he would be interested in returning to the Blazers as a player before he retires.

Clearly, Lillard doesn’t want his ties to the Blazers to be completely severed.