Evaline School celebrates 140th anniversary alongside Hope Grange’s 120th in Winlock


Originally founded in the small town of Evaline just outside of Winlock in 1883, the Evaline School officially celebrated its 140th anniversary Saturday, May 18.

The school hosted an open house that dozens attended, including many former faculty and students.

Despite being a small school, averaging 50 students annually starting with transitional kindergarten going through sixth grade, the Evaline School has a certain charm and draw to it, said retired Evaline teacher Marylyn Reep, who spoke at the open house on Saturday.

Reep taught at Evaline from 1978 until 2008. She first heard about it through a principal at Napavine High School who recruited her to work at the two-room school.

“He begged me. A teacher had quit like three weeks before school was supposed to start,” Reep said. “I said, ‘OK, I’ll go for the interview but that’s probably it.’ I came into this school, saw it from the road, and something told me that it was going to tear at my heartstrings.”

Along with Evaline School, its community partner the nearby Hope Grange #155 also celebrated its 120th anniversary with its own open house event Saturday.

“I promise you, if you were at Evaline School, this is a different speech and it’s one page shorter,” Evaline School teacher Susie Duren said during the Hope Grange open house. “Only 120 years, not 140. But it starts off kind of similar because Evaline School and Hope Grange have a similar beginning.”

Hope Grange was founded on March 18, 1904, after railroad operations in the area increased in the late 1800s and Evaline became a popular stop. It had 19 charter members, including Duren’s great-grandparents. 

Hope Grange is located at 120 Antrim Road in Winlock. For more information, including upcoming grange events, follow Hope Grange on Facebook at https://tinyurl.com/7hex6vpv

Evaline School is located at 111 Schoolhouse Road in Winlock. To learn more, visit https://www.evalinesd.k12.wa.us/