Flamingos Flock to Centralia Thanks to Girl Scout Fundraiser

Through Aug. 11: Troop Raises Money Through Placement of Colorful Front-Lawn Displays


Through Aug. 11, Centralians could catch a glimpse of migratory flamingos in their neighborhoods.

Centralia Girl Scout Troop 41050 is doing a fundraiser for an out-of-state trip by setting up flocks of plastic flamingos in the yards of unsuspecting residents.

“People will fill out a form and pay us to go ‘flocking.’ They’ll put it in their friend’s yard typically. Then, the next night we will go at the same time and pick them up,” said Natalia Hedgers, a troop member.

This differs from traditional flamingo fundraisers where the recipient of a flock must pay to have them removed, like a backwards hostage situation. That method is usually used for charity fundraisers in offices and businesses.

“(This way) there’s no burden on the homeowner to be like, ‘Oh I have to pay now all the sudden?’ And so far, we haven’t encountered anyone who didn’t like it,” said troop leader Megan Berry.

Girl Scouts are all about progression, according Berry.

They start as Daisies and advance to Brownies, Juniors, Cadets, Seniors and finally, Ambassadors. Similarly, their projects start small. Their ideal out-of-state destination is Hawaii, but they will start with camping. Then, a road trip to maybe Oregon or Idaho, hopefully to a national park.

The “Flock Your Friends” fundraiser proceeds will go toward this trip, and bring some joy to Centralians.

Troop 41050 first started four years ago. Made of just six girls in their freshmen and sophomore years of high school, most of the members were originally part of a 30-scout troop that disbanded. 

Having 30 members, they noted, was costly and often chaotic. Six is more manageable. The girls in 41050 all enjoy the outdoors, and center most of their adventures around spending time in nature. 

“With bigger troops I feel like it would be harder to focus on one thing,” said troop member Kimberlie Brunner. “We’re all really close. We all have a bond.”

To schedule a flocking, visit the “Flock Your Friends Centralia” Facebook page or email GirlScouts41050@gmail.com.

A “Fun Flock” of 24 flamingos costs $25. The 36-bird “Festive Flock” is $40, and a “Freakin' Huge Flock” of 48 flamingos costs $50.