Food Establishment Inspection Scores: From the Lewis County Public Health Department


Editor’s Note: These figures and the notes that accompany them are derived from inspections conducted by the Lewis County Public Health Department’s Food Safety Program.

Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection.

Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18 month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.

Food Establishments With Violations: Red/Blue/Total

Country Cousin Restaurant, Centralia 5/0/ 5

Various foods that require temperature control for safety were cold holding at 45 degrees and must be kept at 41 degrees or below at all times. The foods were transferred to the freezer for a few minutes to cool down. (5 red)

Staff has demonstrated good food safety knowledge and procedures. 

Inspection: Feb. 14

Gravity Coffee, 712 Harrison Ave., Centralia 15/5/20

Each of the three hand washing sinks were either partially or fully blocked. These were cleared. Please ensure hand sinks are fully stocked and accessible at all times. The left hand sink (with back to Harrison) has the automatic soap dispenser positioned so that it dispenses onto the worker’s arm when washing. This sink is actually used as a rinse sink for dishes, which is great, as there is a hand sink within a few feet. Please remove soap dispenser from this sink and the other rinse sink on the opposite side of the divider within seven days. (10 red) 

Person in charge did not have food worker cards available. Please ensure all workers have valid cards and have copies available or on site within seven days. (5 red) 

Dishes have not been rinsed, washed and sanitized as required. Please begin doing so immediately and use test strips to ensure the solution is 50-100 ppm chlorine. Bleach bucket concentration was far too strong. Please adjust this. (5 blue) 

Overall, food workers are a great team. Establishment is neat, clean and well organized. 

Inspection: Feb. 1


Dawn’s Delectables, 204 N. Tower Ave., Centralia 35/0/35

Potato salad had been prepared and then placed in covered containers to cool. All foods requiring temperature control for safety must be cooled in 2-inch uncovered depths until 41 degrees or below unless closely monitored to ensure cooling times are met. Foods were transferred to 2-inch uncovered containers to cool. (25 red) 

Several TCS (temperature control for safety) foods were cold holding between 48 and 54.7 degrees and must be kept at 41 degrees or below at all times. These were either discarded or transferred to cool, depending on time and temperature. (10 red) 

Inspection: Feb. 8


The Centerville Cafe, 115 B N. Tower Ave., Centralia 10/0/10

Current owners took over without going through the application process. They were provided state and county application packets. Complete application with Department of Health documents was due with all fees by Feb. 13. Completed checklist with signatures indicating approval from all departments is due by March 8. (10 red) 

Inspection: Feb. 8


Dominos Pizza, 1704 S. Gold St., Centralia 0/10/10

There was no sanitizer (or towel) in sanitizer bucket. This was corrected. (5 blue) 

There was no sanitizer in dish sanitizing solution and test strips were not being used to test. Food worker indicated that sanitizer was prepared hours ago, so more frequent testing and changing is required. (5 blue)

Store is neat, clean and well organized. 

Inspection: Feb. 7


Jimmie’s at The Cove, 200 S. King St., Centralia 15/10/25 

Milk products were cold holding between 44.1 and 52.3 degrees and must be kept at 41 degrees or below at all times. These were either moved to the back refrigerator or discarded. (10 red)

There are dial thermometers on site but they were not being used to measure cold holding milk temperatures. Please begin doing so immediately. I recommended using a digital thermometer for this. (5 red)

Dishes had been rinsed after the sanitation step which is not allowed as it prevents sanitization. Please ensure dishes are washed, rinsed, sanitized and air dried. For pitchers and spoons used with dairy, this must be done every four hours. (5 blue) 

There was no sanitizer solution available for wiping towels. This was corrected. Please use test strips to ensure 50-100 ppm solution (chlorine) or 200 ppm quat solution is available during operations. Quat dispenser was not dispensing any sanitizer and there were no test strips to test. Please do not use until both of these are corrected. (5 blue) 

Inspection: Feb. 1


Winlock Shell Mini Mart, state Route 505 5/10/15

Interviewed cooks do not measure the internal temperature of cooked chicken after to ensure it is controlled to 165 degrees. Person in charge must train staff on proper food safety procedures. Please document training provided. (5 blue) 

A digital thermometer was not available at the time of inspection. (5 red)

Sanitizing test strips were not available at the time of inspection. Concentration of sanitizing solution must be checked at all times and must be between 50 and 100 ppm. Please provide test strips immediately. (5 blue) 

Inspection: Feb. 7


Jackson Hole, 2364 Jackson Highway, Chehalis 30/0/30

Cook did not have a valid food worker card available. Please correct within one week. (5 red) 

Four packages of deli meats had been kept at room temperature for approximately 30 to 45 minutes and were 55 to 57 degrees. These must be kept at 41 degrees or below at all times and were placed in the freezer to cool. (25 red) 

Inspection: Jan. 17


Lewis County Juvenile Detention, Chehalis 10/0/10

Hot water at hand wash sink was 75 degrees and must be between 100 and 115 degrees. Facilities was already working on this and it has been corrected. (10 red)

Inspection: Jan. 15 


Lewis County Jail, Chehalis 25/0/25

Potato soup and chicken tenders were cooling in the walk-in refrigerator incorrectly. Soup was discarded by staff within four hours of cooking. (25 red)

Inspection: Jan. 17


Shanghai Cafe, 519 N. Tower Ave., Centralia 5/8/13

No food workers had valid food worker cards available. Please correct within one week. Please ensure all food workers have valid cards before beginning work. (5 red) 

Frozen meats were thawing on the counter but must be thawed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the right prep sink completely immersed under cold running water. This was corrected (3 blue)

The dishwasher is not sanitizing. Please wash, rinse and sanitize dishes in the three-compartment sink until fixed. Please use test strips to test at least weekly when repaired. (5 blue) 

Establishment is very neat and clean. The owner and workers have great food safety procedures in place. 

Inspection: Jan. 24


The Limit, 1500 S. Gold St., Centralia 20/0/20

New food worker who started the day before inspection was without a food worker card or documentation of training. Please obtain within one week and ensure applicable training in the meantime. 

The hot water valve was completely broken on the kitchen hand washing sink and the produce sink was being used for hand washing. A new faucet was already available and it was replaced. (10 red)

Leaf lettuce as cold holding at 48 degrees and be kept at 41 degrees or below. This was discarded. (10 red) 

Person in charge has a great knowledge of food safety procedures. 

Inspection: Jan. 24 


Food Establishments With Perfect Scores:

Par 4 Sports, Centralia 

Bonanza BBQ & Catering, Toledo

Kimberly’s Coffeehouse and Things, Winlock 

St. Joseph School, Chehalis

Awaken, state Route 506 

Stout Coffee House, Chehalis 

Mint City Coffee Roasting, Chehalis 

Dollar General Store, Napavine

Bub’s Pub, Centralia 

Lorena Tamales, Winlock