Former Adna Student at the University of Washington Receives Building Industry Association Scholarship


Editor's note: Due to an innacurate news release, a previous version of this story included an incorrect hometown. 

Jake Eko, a former Adna student who is attending the University of Washington, was recently awarded a scholarship from the Building Industry Association of Washington to support his pursuit of a degree in civil engineering, the association announced this week.

Growing up on a farm with a hands-on lifestyle, Eko’s interest in construction and engineering began at a young age, according to the association.

“Being up close and learning how equipment worked, how to build a hay barn so it wouldn’t collapse, helping with processes like pouring concrete and siding walls, I’ve really come to love the entire process from design to building the finished product,” he said.

Eko was elected the 2022-23 vice president for the University of Washington’s American Society of Civil Engineers chapter. Over the summer, he worked as a transportation engineering intern for the Washington State Department of Transportation.

He told the Building Industry Association of Washington that he is excited about his future career.

“My education and work experience bring me one step closer to my personal goal of being able to provide new solutions and ideas to help ensure the building of a cleaner and more sustainable future,” Eko said.

The month of October is Careers in Construction Month. A proclamation made by the governors of 21 states, including Washington, brings statewide awareness to the many lucrative career opportunities available in the building industry, according to the association.

As part of an effort to build the future workforce, the Building Industry Association of Washington is providing $70,000 in scholarships and grants to 21 students and seven construction trades programs across Washington this month, the association announced in a news release.

Since its inception, the association has awarded nearly $750,000 in scholarships and grants to students and organizations who have demonstrated a passion and commitment to developing a career in the home building industry and the programs that educate them, stated a news release.

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