Goat Owners Gather in Winlock for Fourth Annual ‘Firecracker Frolic’ Pygmy Goat Show


Tucked away off Florence Place in Winlock, some 50 pygmy goat enthusiasts and owners came together from throughout the region for the “Firecracker Frolic” Pygmy Goat Show on Saturday.

The event is organized by Winlock residents and neighbors Sundina Bryan and Nicole Desmond. 

“This is the fourth year we’ve held it. I started this show because of COVID, because we weren’t allowed to use event centers without masks and all that. So we just all wanted to get together outside,” Bryan said. 

With the help of her neighbors, she began hosting the shows in a field alongside Florence Place. She plans to continue doing so next year. 

Bryan brought a number of her own pygmy goats as well, including a male named Shades of Grey and a caramel pygmy goat named Made in America.

As the goats bleated and jumped around their pens, entrants paraded their prized pygmy goats in front of three judges from the National Pygmy Goat Association. 

The entrants themselves are part of the Cascade Pygmy Goat Association. 

While pygmy goats aren’t typical house pets, it doesn’t stop enthusiasts such as Rowdy Mars, of Napavine, from loving them. 

“They all have different personalities, just like kids,” Mars said. “I’ve done this my whole life, since I was a little kid, seven years old, I was showing goats at the Chehalis fair.” 

For more information on the Cascade Pygmy Goat Association and a list of upcoming pygmy goat shows, visit http://www.cascadepygmygoat.com/.