In focus: Egg Days parade and activities draw crowds to Winlock


The Winlock Egg Days festival parade rolled through town on Saturday morning. 

The Winlock Egg Days Festival, a tradition that dates back more than 100 years, included events Friday through Sunday. The annual festival includes, among other activities, a parade, a car show and an Egg Day Run.

The history of the festival dates back to 1921 when a newly completed paved road between Winlock and Cowlitz Corner sparked a town celebration known as “Poultry and Egg Day,” which recognized the thriving poultry industry in the town. Since then, only World War II and COVID-19 have prevented Winlock from celebrating.

This year, the festival celebrated Dean Hendrickson, a volunteer since 1958, as its grand marshal. Hendrickson served as the chairman of the Egg Day Festival Committee from 2000 to 2022. A Korean War veteran, Hendrickson joined the Buford Rockafellow American Legion Post and performed at Memorial Day ceremonies as a member of the rifle squad for nearly 70 years. 

“Over the years, Dean made a positive impact on his fellow volunteers, the youth that were involved with the programs offered by these organizations, and the residents of Winlock ... Well actually, everyone that Dean encountered,” a description in this year’s program reads. “Dean’s got enough stories of his youthful antics and local history, with a joke thrown in for good measure, that you are entertained for hours. But beneath the laughter and mischief is the patriot.” 

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