In Loving Memory of Rikkey Janee Outumuro: 1982-2021


Rikkey Janee Outumuro, age 39, was born May 4, 1982 in Vancouver, Washington and passed away on Oct. 31, 2021. She was the oldest child of three. She is preceded in death by her father, Richard Outumuro, and is survived by her mother Hope Schumacher, her siblings Jantzen Redle and Joseph Outumuro, and her nieces and nephew Colten Redle, Jasa Outumuro, Kinsley Redle and Chole Redle. Rikkey also was a mother and a role model to a beautiful child, Anthony White, whom she adored and loved with all her heart. He was her world, and her days were filled with dedication, love and guidance. She was so proud to have been able to care for Anthony and loved him as if he were her own. Rikkey was blessed with many friends, whom she loved. She was a loved soul, and people were often drawn to her beauty and her style. She had a bright smile and unique personality that many could not ignore. She was a talented performer, who could dazzle any audience with her amazing talent. She was a true starlet. After high school, Rikkey attended the Centralia Beauty College and earned her cosmetology license She later attended Centralia College where she earned her general studies degree. Rikkey worked for the more upscale salons such as Secrets in Centralia and Audrey’s in Olympia. She later decided to work out of her home where she quickly established a large clientele. Rikkey was a perfectionist and would take pride in her skills. Everyone who went to Rikkey for their hair needs never went to anyone else. She was beyond talented and could do updos and colors like no other. Rikkey was an avid supporter of the community. She was determined to facilitate the Stonewall Youth Program at Centralia College and she did not stop until she was successful. It was important to her that students and community members of all ages have a safe place to meet and support each other. She passionately believed everyone had a right to be who and what they were without judgement or discrimination. Rikkey was crowned the first Miss Gay Lewis County in 2008 and was once the reigning Miss Gay Olympia. Rikkey was one of the most recognized members of the Olympia LGBTQ+ community. She loved her Pride friends and family. Rikkey was a warrior and trail blazer who was so well loved by many. She was an activist for Thurston and Lewis County communities in many ways. She insisted on facilitating and organizing a Gay Pride Parade in downtown Centralia. She even facilitated a panel for the City of Centralia Police Department where she helped to educate the department about the LGBTQ+ community. She really strived for peace and happiness, and her actions and dedication always displayed that throughout her life. Rikkey was an artist and highly creative in all she put her mind to do. She could cultivate the most beautiful things no matter what shape they were in. She loved beauty and took pride in her artistic ability. She was a collector of everything that was unique and old. She was an old soul at heart, and she would often laugh and say “my shabby chic decor.” She loved the pretties. Rikkey was a sweet and lovely child. She never missed a Mother’s Day, birthday, or any holiday. She would always remember her mother and had a way of making me feel so special and loved. I always called her my little buttercup. She was so full of love and beauty. When spring arrives, look for the bright yellow buttercups and she will be there smiling down at us all. We have lost a beautiful soul way too soon. For many, this has left a huge hole in our hearts and lives. However, I know Rikkey would want us to celebrate her life with joy, laughter, singing and loving each other. You are now in the arms of our Lord, safe at home, until we see you again. We love you Rikkey. Funeral services will be held Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021 at 12 p.m. at the Masonic Memorial Park Cemetery in Tumwater, 455 North Street SE, Olympia, Washington, 98501.