Last Call for ARTrails Studio Tour This Weekend Showcasing Lewis County Artists


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in the Centralia Train Depot.

Not just for its historic architecture, but for the ARTrails of Southwest Washington’s showcase that’s been on display at the depot since last Friday.

ARTrails, a collective based out of the Lewis County area, hosts a two-weekend tour each year where visitors can see participating artists at no cost, including at home studios and in locations featuring several pieces. At the train station in downtown Centralia, where the kick-off gala for the tour was held, each ARTrails artist has at least one piece on display.

Major players in the annual show include the Morgan Arts Center in Toledo and Centralia’s Rectangle Gallery.

Other smaller studios use the tour to slowly build up their credibility, like the Tilton River Studio Gallery in Cinebar where two artists are showing their work. In Silver Creek on Steelhead Drive, four creators are featured. Across the county, home studios are open to visit where signs mark their ARTrails participation.

“They want you to come in to see the kind of work they’re doing,” said Dan Duffy, a Centralia artist who does mostly abstract paintings.

Duffy, who has been featured in Seattle’s Frye Art Museum, said Lewis County residents may be more attracted to art with recognizable subjects rather than more abstract work. Through studio visits, he said, people can develop their design interests while learning new techniques in demonstrations and lessons.

He and Alice Shinn, a painter from Silver Creek, volunteered their Thursday afternoon at the train station. There, visitors can get a sense for the diversity of Lewis County arts, Shinn said, including wood carvings, ceramics, felting, sculpting, painting of all kinds, photography and much more.

She added more people get involved in the collective each year, with both she and Duffy reporting the annual event exposes even them to new mediums.

Shinn said while many artists understand the basics of styles, it’s very hard to copy straight from others in a hobby — or career — where personality always shines through.

“It’s wonderful that we live in a country where we can express ourselves without being tarred and feathered. Because that is what it is, that’s what makes us feel. To put it on a canvas or putting it in a photograph or putting it on a piece of wood. It fulfills us,” she said.

Studios this weekend will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Most pieces shown are for sale.

After making a minimum donation of $15 to a scholarship fund for Centralia College students, visitors at the train station can take home a piece of ARTrails for themselves. Find all information on ARTrails of Southwest Washington and the studio tour, including a digital guide with maps at

The following studios are participating in ARTrails:


Beyond the Loop Creations

17831 Applegate St. SW, Rochester

Artist: Joan Hitchcock — paint, fiber art, acrylics


Verdant Fire Studio at Rectangle Gallery

209 N. Tower Ave., Centralia


Cheryl Love — mixed media

Penny Auld — weaving, fiber art

Bonnie Blake — jewelry

Susan Bagratinoff — acrylic


Amanda Hanson — block print

Jan Nontell — ceramics, enameling

Tamara Hinck — wood carving

Jeannette Fedorka — needle felting

Michelle Gehlman-Teeter — photography

Pauli Rollins — pen and ink on antler


1435 Mark Twain Drive, Centralia


Dan Duffy — oil paint and gold leaf

Greg Carlson — acrylic paint


Strangelands Gallery of Art

531 N. Tower Ave., Centralia

Artist: Michael Cook — acrylic paint


Marcy Anholt Stained Glass

115 Riverview Drive, Chehalis

Artist: Marcy Anholt — stained glass, mosaic


Harborwood Designs

990 Brown Road W., Chehalis

Artist: Brent Knott — wood


51 SW Third St., Chehalis


Susan Clark — henna

Jennifer Kinsman — watercolor


Pacific Ocean Graphics and Fine Arts

267 Dluhosh Road, Onalaska

Artist: Carlene Salazar — painting, photography


Tilton River Studio Gallery

133 Burton Burres Road, Cinebar


Barbara Burres — painting, photography

Dianne Gonzales — watercolor


172 Steelhead Drive, Silver Creek


Jill Jacoby — oil

Madeline Mcintire — photography

Nicole Notch — mixed media

Alice Shinn — oil


Grand Prairie Designs

193 Roth Road, Winlock


Richard Roth — stoneware clay

Susan Roth — white stoneware


Steamboat Landing

115 Ramsey Way, Toledo


Linda Shepherd — digital art

John Fish — acrylic/ink

Di Morgan — fiber/wearables

Mike Morgan — mixed media sculpture

Kit Metlen — wood carving

Ina Wagenman — mosaics

Eileen Eddleman — mixed media