Letter: I am Thankful and Honored to Serve as Centralia School District Superintendent


We are growing, learning and improving each and every day in the Centralia School District. Realizing our vision of all students achieving academic and personal excellence takes a team effort. We are thankful for the members of our team and value each and every member.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, we want to take a moment to express our thankfulness and gratitude as a district.

We are thankful for our students. We exist as a district to serve our students. Our students are our purpose and they give us hope for the future. Seeing the smiles and joy in learning; the moments of growing, and accomplishing new things; and the effort to improve and learn gives meaning to our work.

We are thankful for our staff. Our staff, each individual and each and every position, is critical to our students’ development. We are thankful for their dedication, hard work and willingness to learn, grow and improve.

We are thankful for our parents and families. Our families are essential partners in our students’ success. We are thankful for the advocacy for their students, the volunteer hours, the support at home with academics and behavior and the hope families give for their student’s future.

We are thankful for our community. Our community provides tremendous support through partnerships, the levy, volunteers, the sharing of questions and concerns, attendance at school events and the encouragement given to students and staff. We are stronger as a district because of the support of our community.

As a district, we are blessed to have such supportive staff, families and community. Thank you for making a difference in our district and in the future of our students.

I am thankful and honored to serve as your Centralia School District superintendent.


Lisa Grant

Centralia School District superintendent