Letter: Initiative 1362 a Unique Opportunity for Washingtonians to Be Designers of Their Own Health Care Future


It would be ideal to have health care insurance that offsets the cost of American health care, the most expensive health care in the world, but the insurance itself can be costly and the coverage limited. Unfortunately for insurance subscribers, ours is a system designed for maximizing the insurance industry’s profits without seeming to care what happens to the real lives of the people paying the premiums.

However, we are fortunate in Washington state to have an initiative process for getting important issues into legislation, such as Initiative 1362, the Washington Universal Healthcare Coverage Initiative.

“This initiative was designed to create the Whole Washington Health Trust ‘to ensure all Washington residents can enroll in nonprofit health insurance coverage providing an essential set of health benefits including medical, prescription, dental, and vision benefits,’” according to Ballotpedia.

Initiative 1362 is exactly what we need in Washington state because each of us deserves to visit a doctor when we need to, not just when, or if, we can afford it. We should have our medications and the ability to take them as prescribed without rationing or diluting to keep them affordable. We deserve to receive needed medical care without having to stay in unsatisfying jobs and dysfunctional relationships just to maintain our insurance coverage. When we’re sick, the last thing we should be worrying about is how we’ll pay for our recovery.

Soon there will be a petition in support of Initiative 1362 and I strongly urge every registered voter in the state to sign it. This is a unique opportunity for Washingtonians to be the designers of their own health care future. Washington state can be the home of Universal Healthcare Coverage. With your support of Initiative 1362, it’s possible. It is possible. Please sign the petition.


Linda Anthony