Letter to the Editor: 19th District Candidate Makes Appeal to Voters


We all know why this is the most critical election we face. However, I want to talk about issues that matter here in the 19th Legislative District.

I believe we can get back to working together again and return to the table. This polarized insanity will get us nowhere. We must start reaching across the aisle and working on issues that we can all agree with. 

I will protect our jobs and advocate for policies that promote our rural district. We need a Democrat willing to fight for jobs like the ones being lost at the Naselle Youth Camp. 

We need someone with some leverage with the Democratic majority and a seat at the table where these decisions are made.

I will support our unions and the rights of workers, not corporations.

I will push for the utilization of the funds available to bring broadband to our rural areas, which will bring much-needed resources and better job opportunities.

I will push for a change in how we fund our schools and support our teachers.

I will support our logging, agriculture and fishing industries and small farmers by expanding fair access to foreign markets, supporting Washington crops, and investing in agriculture innovation and research. 

I understand that while we must fight to preserve our forests, pristine waters and fisheries, we have to do it with thorough research and intelligent planning that does not hurt our jobs and industries in the 19th.

I will work to increase access to healthcare for rural and underserved areas in the 19th. We need to support policies that encourage more medical providers to come to the 19th to provide better access to health care and bring in more job opportunities.

I will work with the Democratic majority in Olympia and amplify your voices to ensure that the issues here in LD19 are prioritized instead of being dismissed.

I am a registered Democrat who believes we must all return to the table and start

working together again on the issues that matter to us here in the 19th LD.  My entire life, I have been the peacemaker, negotiator, and calm in the storm for my family and my career, and that is what I will be for you.

My promise to you:

  • I will not skip a vote, I will vote on every bill so you know how I represent you.
  • I will always have lines open to hear your opinion on a bill before I vote.
  • I will represent everyone in the 19th LD, not just the ones who voted for me.

I humbly ask for your vote for Legislative Representative Position 2 in the 19th LD.

Cara Cusack 

19th Legislative district candidate for state representative 

Editor’s note: The Chronicle allows political candidates to write one letter to the editor per election cycle.