Letter to the Editor: A Clarification on Centralia Schools


Congratulations to the Taylors for their new ownership of The Chronicle. I look forward to working with you and The Chronicle staff to serve our community.

I appreciate your opinion article, “Braun Bill Would Make It Easier to Get Kids in School” published Jan. 5. We want our students in school and appreciate support for that effort. There was an error stating the Centralia School District plans to return in March, however.  

While it is true that our middle school and high school hybrid models are scheduled to begin March 8, our K-6 elementary students, K-12 students receiving Special Education and English Language (EL) services are currently in school being served face to face in a hybrid model.  

We want our students in school and know it best serves them, but we also want to be sure accurate information is shared. During this pandemic accurate communication has been a challenge but also critical to helping our families and our services.  


Dr. Lisa Grant

Superintendent, Centralia School District