Letter to the Editor: A Heartfelt Thank You to ‘Some Random Lady’ 


At 81 years old, I lost my 75-year-old wife of 52 years to cancer. I went to the U.S. Cellular store to disconnect her phone line and move my number to her recently upgraded, newer photo. 

A retail wireless consultant brought up our information and informed me there was $207 due on her phone that had to be paid before the change could be made. Not knowing what bills would be coming, I asked if I could split the amount owed into a couple payments. The employee checked the computer and the answer was “no,” it all had to be covered. I asked if the $207 could be moved to my number. Again, the computer responded, “no,” it all had to be paid. 

I said, “OK, I’ll just wait.” A lady at the next desk threw her credit card out and said, “I’ll cover that.”

I said, “You can’t do that,” and she replied, “Yes, I can, at this time.”

The employee got her identification and processed the payment. I asked her for her name and address so I could at least send her a thank you card. I had in mind a nice gift tray from one of the stories in the area. She refused and said, “It’s just from some random lady.”

Well, “Random Lady,” I’ll try to pay it forward if I can find the chance and I really thank you, “Random Lady,” from the bottom of my heart. You really made my day easier and a little happier. Again, “Random Lady,” thank you. 

Gary Cadwell