Letter to the Editor: A Letter to the Governor


This is a letter I have sent to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. 

“Dear Gov. Inslee,

I am a Republican voter, but you are my governor now, and I hope for your success as a leader, especially at this critical time. 

An emergency is defined as an unexpected event that requires immediate action to protect life and property. An emergency does not last forever as an emergency, and normal procedures come into play when the event no longer requires instant action. 

You Gov. Inslee, are neither a king nor a dictator. The free people of Washington will not trust or follow the orders of you as a dictator. 

Your orders for COVID might be correct, but in the U.S. you must respect the people’s intelligence and freedom by providing supporting information to them and by involving our representative Legislature in decision making, or the people of this representative democracy will not respect your government action, and you will be an ineffective leader. 

It is bad and dangerous if citizens do not trust or believe in their government, especially under today’s conditions. If the citizens do not obey your edicts, it is your fault for failing at leadership by your dictatorial methods.”


Mike Kimbrel