Letter to the Editor: Abortion Comment During Debate Was Beyond Stupid


I was angered by a comment during a debate in a Senate race all the way over in Pennsylvania. I have relatives there. Dr. Oz said that abortion should be a decision between the woman, her doctor and local politicians. 

I can't tell you how stupid this is. 

What woman wants a politician between herself and her doctor on the worst day of her life? Rob Snaza? Brendan Svenson? Sean Swope? Would there be volunteers in Lewis County? That is what we are looking at if we allow extreme Republicans to take over the Senate and the House of Representatives.

No one wants an abortion. It is the most horrible, anxiety-ridden decision a woman will ever have to make. Unfortunately, the extreme GOP is putting it in our faces with wanting a national ban on abortion. In Texas, little girls can be forced to carry their rapists' babies. This is such a boost for pedophiles, the real ones, not the ones Fox News talks about. 

There are no Democrats supporting late term abortions on demand. Late term abortions are in heartbreaking situations, where the baby if born will die a slow and painful death because of serious defects (like no brain or no internal organs). These babies are named, wanted, there was a baby shower and a gender reveal, there was joy. A nursery was painted. The heartbreak of carrying a baby who can't live is true hell.

Life begins with breath — ask a farmer. If you believe differently, fine, don't have an abortion. Just don't force me to live your beliefs.

Republicans also want to ban birth control. How's that going to affect your life? And they have a plan to end Social Security and Medicare. Can you afford to support your parents and grandparents when they paid for this program for 40 to 60 working years? On the bright side, you can have live-in daycare for all those kids you are going to have accidentally. Is this still a free country? Plus, the economy will crash if Republicans take away all that income for seniors and the disabled.

There was a news story last week that Joe Kent reported $122,110.36 in donations from American Enterprise Solutions on numerous federal filings, but apparently no one can find that that company really exists. My source is Oregon Public Broadcasting, but just Google “Joe Kent shady money.” What dark money is paying his way? Moreover, why?

Please vote for Democrats, hold your nose if you have to, but we can't live with the current GOP's extremism. Some of my GOP friends up north are saying they are voting for common sense. It just happens to be the Democratic candidate.

Vote for Common Sense. Vote for Marie Gluesenkamp Perez! 

Gluesenkamp Perez is the choice right now for Southwest Washington.

Katherine Ford,