Letter to the Editor: American Institutions Have Become Corrupt


I don't think Americans have stopped to think about how corrupt our 21st century institutions have become. Let me outline a few for you.

Our news media have become mass entertainment venues. One need only listen to ABC News anchor David Muir regularly turn molehill events into mountainous eruptions with his furrowed brow and sensationalist presentations backgrounded by thunderous musical cadences.

Our business, service and financial sectors succeed due to criminal levels of financing required to obtain their wares.

Educational institutions have streamlined curriculum to such a ridiculous extent today that their offerings amount to a plateful of hardened husk that leaves out the life-giving grain.

Government agencies no longer operate on a principle of inexpensive, selfless service to the public, but on a principle of outrageously expensive bureaucracy loaded up with self-interested sycophants pursuing pyramidical power.

Political parties and candidates have become proponents and instruments of civil war, not democratic diversity and brotherly compromise.

Our religious institutions have become Pharisaic and subversive, requiring obedience to legalistic private doctrines not supportive of the public interest.


Kimball Shinkoskey

Formerly of Lewis County