Letter to the Editor: Aron Christensen Investigation a Debacle


The so-called investigation into the death of Aron Christensen was doomed from the first arriving officers.

I have read the dispatch radio log and it reads like a play from the three stooges. To summarize: An officer arrives and advises of a puncture wound. When asked if it was a gunshot would, he advised not a gunshot. How did he come to that conclusion? Then he advises no need for detectives to respond. Really!

A dead man with a puncture wound and a dead dog is not suspicious?

An officer with even the most basic training would know that a gunshot point of entry does not always emit blood. There was no excuse for the detectives not to have been called out. What did the officer base his assessment on that would lead him to conclude it was not a gunshot?

Was the body taken immediately to the hospital for x-rays? This would have shown the path of travel of the bullet, and the bullet as well if it had not exited.

Was there an exit wound?

The sheriff and coroner did not release the cause and manner of death for over a month. Why?

The sheriff has two suspects and a confession, more than enough to arrest and book the suspects.

Why has this not been done?

The sheriff does not work for the prosecutor nor does he need permission to arrest and book the suspects. The suspects need to be arrested and brought before a magistrate to have a bond set.

I beg you, sheriff, to be a man and come forward with the truth that your people botched this investigation from the very beginning.

Step up and publicly admit it, then apologize to the Christensen family and arrest the two suspects.

Then you will have done the job the citizens are paying you for.

If you continue to be a part of this mess, you will surely pay the consequences. This is nothing short of malfeasance of office if I understand the elements of malfeasance.


Jerry C. Berry

Former Lewis County homicide detective