Letter to the Editor: Be Safe and Look Out for Pedestrians


October is National Pedestrian Safety Month. Here are reminders for all of us:

Crosswalks: Stopping for approaching pedestrians is a little thing for a driver, but a big deal to people traveling by foot. Over 20 percent of pedestrian fatalities happen in crosswalks. We can change that by being alert to the most vulnerable folks on the road.

Yellow lights: A little patience goes a long way. When the light turns yellow, slow down and stop. Rushing to beat the light blinds drivers to potential hazards. In Washington, 23 percent of all traffic fatalities occur in intersections. Many of these fatalities involve speed and pedestrians.

Speed limits: Most Lewis County drivers respect the speed limit. This is so important, because we know that there is an elevated risk for the few who choose to speed. In fact, 30 percent of traffic fatalities in Washington involve speed as a factor.

Remember, we are all in this together. Be safe and look out for pedestrians.


Dianne Swanson

Target Zero Manager

WA Traffic Safety Commission