Letter to the Editor: BLM and Antifa More a Threat Than White Supremacists


I am responding to Marty Ansley’s letter of July 24. I know four things about people like Mr. Ansley. They dig in their heels when confronted with reality. They dish it out, but they can’t take it. They don’t care about inconvenient facts that destroy their narrative. They dabble in what about-ism when their argument is weak (hence Christopher Wray).

Ansley never denied any of my allegations, which means I am right. As far as Puyallup goes, he admits that he didn’t personally witness racist incidents. Of course he didn’t. I don’t care what he saw on TV. We all saw it. He still hasn’t backed up his assertions from his first letter. 

Dredging up President Eisenhower and all of the references to race relations back in the 1950s proves that Ansley is living in the past. They do nothing to support his assertion about white supremacy as it exists now. The 20th century called. They want their white supremacy back.  Let’s live in the 21st century, shall we?

Ansley cowardly hides behind Christopher Wray in a futile attempt to bolster his credibility.  Neither Wray nor Ansley proffered a plethora of evidence that white supremacy is the number one domestic threat to our national security. I’ll pull a Jerry McGuire: show me the evidence, Marty! Of course ISIS isn’t a threat. President Trump annihilated ISIS on their home turf. If Ansley had a shred of integrity, he would have recognized that.

Both Wray and Ansley have one data point: Jan 6. It was a terrible day. I would not have participated under any circumstances. Not one participant that day has been charged with treason or sedition. Not one person has been charged with a weapons charge. The “Viking guy” has been charged with two misdemeanors, basically trespassing. No felonies. But, he is still rotting in a D.C. jail. Look it up, Marty. It’s an outlier. It will never happen again.

I challenge Ansley to tell us how white supremacy has personally affected him. And how many white supremacists he has seen walking about. Show me that white supremacists burned Portland for 150 days. Wait, that was antifa and BLM. Show me that it was white supremacists who bashed Andy Ngo’s skull in with a brick during the summer of riots. You can’t, because the video shows that it was an antifa punk dressed in black tactical gear who did it. They know who did it, but still no charges. I challenge Mr. Ansley to move to Portland and live with his Ideological brethren. He won’t. He’s too cozy and comfy in his little hamlet of Cinebar inhabited by people like me. 

He doesn’t want to live in the cesspool of Portland now any more than I do. 

The real threats to this country are antifa and BLM. They are trying to destroy this country as we speak. Oh, but in polite society we can’t say that because it’s racist.

I’m a retired senior military officer. I don’t suffer fools like Ansley gladly. I defended his right to be ignorant for 22 years. I’m pretty sure I know a smidge more about national security than he does. I’ve seen what the world is really like. 

There are plenty of bad people in the world, but the most miniscule minority of them are white supremacists. Tell me how many Americans are white supremacists. I tried to find it. I couldn’t.  You made the assertion. You look it up. In my 42 years of association with the military, I never met a member (including minorities) who was terrified of white supremacists. Of the scores of national security briefings I attended and the thousands of classified intelligence documents I reviewed, not once was white supremacy promulgated as a national security threat. I’ll take my own experience over Ansley and Wray every day and twice on Sundays.

I’m breathlessly awaiting Ansley’s next letter so he can dazzle all of us with his brilliance. 


Joel W. Muenchau, Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force (Retired)