Letter to the Editor: Candidate Responds to Fire Chief


Recently Chief Dan Mahoney of Lewis County Fire District 5 questioned my convictions and why I am running for commissioner for Lewis County Fire District 5.

I am running because I have seen the poor training of Dan Mahoney send firefighters into burning buildings without knowing where the fire was, putting firefighter lives in danger. At least two times the chief has sent firefighters into buildings without performing a 360 and the firefighter could have been hurt, or worse.

I am running because the leadership can’t pass a levy and can not explain what they want to do with your tax dollars.

I am running because I am tired of seeing our only medic unit leave Napavine to chase other departments’ issues. The chief will say “oh that is why we have mutual aid.” Citizens, how far do you want the next closest medic unit coming from while you or your loved one is in danger and your taxpayer paid medic unit is in Pe Ell? Mutual aid is not guaranteed.

I respect each and every firefighter who answers the call and I refuse to see their lives put in danger by poor training.

In my role as commissioner, I may not be able to solve all these issues. As commissioner, I promise to do everything in my power to help protect firefighter lives.

I promise to help pass a fair levy to increase firefighter manpower to better protect our citizens.

I promise to fight for an increase in the training and education budget.

I promise to help make sure Napavine has a department that is safe and effective.

Firemanship: the practice, skill, or occupation of firefighting. Win or lose, I will not stop fighting for firefighter safety and proper training.

Thank you for your support.


Mike Goodwillie


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