Letter to the Editor: Centralia College Expansion Leaves Arts Behind


I found the past article interesting that was posted on Saturday, July 10, on the retirement of Centralia College administrator Steve Ward. Granted, Mr. Ward has had a hand in forming a far more beautiful campus than the one I attended in 1955. Many changes have occurred since then in campus building and layout. Yet, it is far from a “university feel,” as he put it. It is moving in that direction but isn’t there yet.

Mr. Ward has done a fine job in overseeing progressive building layout. However, should millions of dollars be spent on a Family Development Center? Sports fields? What are the educational goals here? Such expenditures seem questionable when some educational and vocational offerings are still lacking in the college curriculum, namely the arts.

I see some glaring holes in accredited offerings of value. These areas should be discussed and moved forward. Can the college correct this long overdue need? Yes, of course, but it may require a new line of thinking. The bottom line is the college still lacks a good, solid, well-rounded, fundamental curriculum and building to house missing programs such as in the arts. Compared to Lower Columbia and South Puget Sound, Centralia College has a long way to go.

Under whose guidance will any educational improvement occur? If ever, when?


James Stafford