Letter to the editor: Centralia School District in support of hydrogen project


The Centralia School District is in strong support of the proposed hydrogen alternative energy project in our community. As a school district, we believe this initiative aligns with our commitment to an education for a brighter future for our students, our district, and our community.

Hydrogen has emerged as a promising and environmentally friendly energy source, offering numerous benefits to our community. The project will create a continuum of jobs for our students and our community, will create a stronger and healthier tax base, and will stimulate economic growth.

From an educational perspective, this project presents a golden opportunity for our district and our students. It offers a chance to engage our students in hands-on learning experiences related to cutting-edge energy technology, environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Our schools can collaborate with businesses and organizations to provide educational programs and opportunities for students, fostering a new generation of professionals prepared for a career or college.

The hydrogen project can serve as a valuable resource for our schools, providing a living laboratory for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. It will enable our students to witness the real-world applications of the knowledge they gain in the classroom, inspiring them to pursue careers in the emerging field of renewable energy and for jobs that do not yet even exist. We will give hope to our students for their future.

The hydrogen project also strengthens our tax base and positively impacts the individual property owner. The new companies involved will increase the district’s total tax base and ease the burden on the individual taxpayer. Property owners benefit and our students benefit from the programs and services we will be able to provide. It will allow us to do more for our students.

We urge our local policymakers to prioritize and support this hydrogen project, which offers exciting opportunities for our students, our district and our community.

Let's come together as a community to support this project and our students’ prosperous future. Through this project, we will thrive as a community and will create a hope for a bright future for our students.

I continue to be honored to serve as your superintendent. The future is exciting for our school district, our students and our community.


Lisa Grant

Superintendent for Centralia School District