Letter to the Editor: Centralia Schools Leader Says There Is a Lot to Be Thankful for


It is the time of year when we often take pause and give special thanks to others.

This is important this year more than ever, as the challenges of this pandemic have continued to create conflict, divisiveness, and stress. We have a wonderful opportunity to spread thankfulness and joy to others. A small moment of gratitude can do tremendous good.

Giving thanks positively impacts us as individuals, those we thank, and the children who see and hear our actions. When we express gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin that make us feel good. Our mood is immediately enhanced! Receiving gratitude does the same for the other person’s brain and emotions. When our children see gratitude shared, it supports their physical and mental wellbeing, boosts their self-esteem, and overall contributes to their happiness! We can spread gratitude and benefit ourselves, others and our students. It is a simple, free act, that makes a significant difference. Our children are watching and listening; let’s show them thankfulness!

I am challenging myself and also extend the same challenge you; thank at least one person each day that has positively impacted you in some way. Sharing thankfulness and modeling it for our children is needed in our community and world right now. We benefit as individuals when we give thanks, we benefit others, and our children benefit.

I have more thanks to share than space in this column allows. I am thankful for our dedicated school board and the hours they commit to serving our students. I am thankful for our staff who continue to show tremendous resiliency and dedication to our students. I am thankful for our families who partner with our teachers and our schools to support their child’s success. I am thankful for our students who bring joy, hope and inspiration each and every day. I am thankful for this community and the individuals and groups that continue to collaborate with us to improve our district and to help our community thrive. I am thankful and honored to serve as the Centralia School District superintendent.

Lisa Grant


Centralia School District

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