Letter to the Editor: Choose Murphy and Results Over Reasons for Sheriff


I am writing to express my support of Tracy Murphy for sheriff.

I moved to Centralia almost three years ago and have enjoyed getting to know my neighbors and others in the community. I have also been very interested in community involvement and learning about the issues that impact all of us. In my search for connection and understanding, I came across a video that moved me to action. It was the infamous video with Brandon Svenson.

When I viewed this video, I was stunned. First, to witness such blatant disrespect to another person with no one in the room speaking up was shocking.

Then to learn that the aggressor was the chairperson of the local Republican Party, I was stunned. But wait, there's more. I was further disturbed by the fact that our current sheriff was in the room and would allow someone wearing his name to treat another law enforcement officer in that manner.

You may wonder why I had that reaction. I was raised in a service-minded family. One uncle was a fire chief and the other a police sergeant. I understood from a young age that core values — including respect, integrity and accountability — are of paramount importance in those careers where a strong support system is needed to do the hard work that these careers demand. I was saddened that our current sheriff would allow this behavior by someone who obviously supported him. That caused me to dig deeper, having conversations with people who know the candidates personally and professionally. A picture started to emerge for me that set me on a path to support Tracy Murphy.

I believe wholeheartedly in our constitution, everyone's right to believe what they want, live their life how they see fit, the right to make their own choices. I want someone representing me that will fight just as hard for someone that shares their beliefs as they do for someone who believes differently. I believe the current sheriff has shown he will act otherwise. If you don't agree with his opinion, the name calling begins. Calling people sheep and denigrating the choices they make does not align with that core value for me. I personally did not choose to wear a mask but have friends and loved ones who did. That was their right and it should be supported and fought for just as hard as my right not to wear one.

I encourage everyone to look within themselves at their own core values and moral compass. Do your research, ask questions and choose a candidate that represents those things for you. One of our greatest gifts is our right to voice our opinion. One of the ways we are able to do that is at the ballot box. Many have fought and died for my right to speak and I don't take that lightly. I believe you can have reasons or results. Let's give Tracy the opportunity to show us results instead of continuing a regime of reasons.


Karen St. Clair