Letter to the Editor: Clerk’s Office Staff Supports Scott Tinney for County Clerk


The employees of the Lewis County Clerk’s Office invite you to join us in voting for Scott Tinney this upcoming election. Scott continues to manage the office with strong leadership, respect and integrity. The knowledge that Scott brings to our office is unmatched by his opponent. His experience and knowledge of the legal system is something that can only be acquired by working directly in the field for almost three decades.

Scott has the experience to be able to step into any position in the office and give guidance when needed. He is able to effectively communicate with multiple county departments, which is essential to keep the daily functions of the office running smoothly and efficiently.

His opponent, Linda Williams, has no experience working in a county clerk’s office. While some insight can be gained from observing hearings and volunteering, it is far from what is needed to run the office to the standard that Lewis County residents deserve and expect. Ms. Williams’ lack of experience would cause her to rely heavily on the staff to teach her the technology, legal mandates and day-to-day procedures. The staff would therefore be left without the ability to look to her for support. We need a leader that can provide accurate and clear direction. Scott is that leader.

Scott has the support of the whole office. Please allow us to continue to serve you efficiently and effectively by voting for Scott Tinney for Lewis County clerk.


Dahkota Harmanson

Marni Larson

Dana Coleman

Tammi Clark

Susie Eck

Ruth Allison

Michelle Sullivan

Stacy Hull

Kim Alexander

Sara Heinricher

Sarah Thomas

Leslie Etherington

Joelle Roberts

Susan Coutts