Letter to the Editor: College Course Not Friendly to Christians or Conservatives


In the mail, I received a request to donate to Centralia College. As a Christian and a conservative, I will say no. Recently, I was taking classes to be a chemical dependency counselor. In order to take all the courses needed I had to take a cultural diversity class. The ideas in that course were racist and anti-Christian. 

The lessons taught that only whites can be racist. That 90 percent of American history has involved the creation and perpetuation of racism. And saying “Merry Christmas” to the wrong person is a microaggression. And if you were a white male heterosexual christian, you were part of the problem. 

Instead of learning how to be a good counselor, I was forced to learn the teacher’s world view. Students in other fields at Centralia College have had similar experiences. If you are a Christian or conservative, consider other colleges.


James Pratt