Letter to the Editor: Compassionate Care Provided During Stay at Providence Centralia Hospital


On Jan. 30, my wife and daughter assisted me into the Providence Centralia Hospital emergency room where I was quickly and efficiently admitted and triaged.  

Shortly thereafter, I was enveloped into a caring and professional medical journey. In a relatively short time, I was correctly diagnosed with complex pneumonia and admitted to a medical room. 

Professional nursing and compassionate care took control.  

In COVID-19 times, it is lonely, as no outside visitors are allowed. Shortly, the “hometown” effect went to work.  

In walked a good friend from my youth in Adna from the nursing staff to offer support, followed by a close friend from our local family unit to give her special brand of support.  

Then, daily and caring check-ins came from others I have met over the many years of living in the community.  

What a support!  

Dr. Yan, a skillful local surgeon, inserted a chest tube to relieve the pain but said he wanted a specialist to take over, and off to Swedish in Seattle I went. Swedish gave me great care, and I arrived home Friday during the snowstorm to my warm, loving Chehalis home and community.  I am hometown grateful and blessed.

P.S. Wear your darn mask!


Greg Lund