Letter to the Editor: Countering Letter Writer With History Lesson


I would like to remind one person of a historical reality that she either refuses to believe or just doesn’t care about in this day of cancel culture.

I’m referencing the letter writer who wrote a letter to The Chronicle about how white people took the land away from the Mexicans during the conquest of the American West by specifically saying.

Judy Bell made the comments in the Aug. 5 edition of The Chronicle letters to the editor. I guess that she’s never heard of Captain Hernandez Cortez who destroyed the 6,000-year-old society of the Aztec nation in Central America.

Then he moved north to the Americas to ravage indigenous peoples from the states of California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Just how she confused the point that only white people did everything poorly and murdered one tribe after another in her rant I will never know. It was actually her ancestors who stole property from Native Americans and claimed it for their own. So she says that white people only stole Mexican land in which the Conquistadors stole from the Native Americans as theirs also! So who’s the biggest villain here? The white people came from the east and the Spaniards came from the south doing the same exact thing.

So, Judy Bell, who’s the worst? Spaniards came for gold and riches for the queen of Spain and white people ran from religious persecution. Who truly owned what?

Both peoples were European, both brought diseases that Native Americans did not survive and tried to conquer these peoples and forced their belief structures and their religion on the conquered. It’s a sad tale all around, but does not include finger pointing because every society that has ever lived is guilty of the same thing, brown or white!


Roland Haney