Letter to the Editor: Crowner the Right Choice for Port of Centralia


The Port of Centralia needs some changes. Don’t you agree? This is what I propose. We need to elect Paul Crowner as our new port commissioner in District 1 in order to do the following:

• To allow you, the residents/taxpayers, to express your ideas and be able to ask questions at port meetings without intimidation and bullying from the director. Paul Crowner would help you get answers to your questions.

• To get on with the Centralia Station project: to clean up the mess, the piles of concrete and debris and attract a supermarket/department store to provide more competition and help bring down prices. Paul Crowner would like to bring in businesses under the original intent of the Centralia Station and provide livable, prevailing wage jobs in order to keep our young people here.

• To get the port to show some fortitude, Paul Crowner would help the commission to move forward with the proposed north interchange to Interstate 5. If you drive on Harrison Avenue, you know the mess of increased traffic. It will only get worse over time without the new interchange near the Lewis-Thurston county line. Thanks to state Rep. Ed Orcutt, the Legislature has already planned for over $50 million toward that project. More will be needed.

You will not make a mistake by voting for Paul Crowner. Let’s give the port back to the people on Nov. 2.


Gary Odegaard