Letter to the Editor: Department of Defense Should Be in Charge of Capitol Security


Put the Department of Defense to be the Capitol security branch to protect our constitution and show the world we still are to be respected and aren’t weak and vulnerable just because we had a lunatic in office. 

This was a coup attempt, and our government cannot allow this to happen again. It needs to be run by our real Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, not the local police department. Let them handle the streets and parking lots, but the building and offices should be guarded just as the military bases are — by security not afraid to draw the line not to cross and mean it. Otherwise, it will be lethal if you do; zero tolerance. They have a no-fly zone over the property. If you fly above it, you could get shot down. If you rush the gate or entry door, you could die. Zero tolerance. It is not the Secret Service, CIA or FBI. It’s a junkyard dog security. One job and only one rule and one penalty — zero tolerance, period.


Carl Bohlin