Letter to the Editor: Do You Love America or Pyrotechnics? Veteran Struggles With Explosions


This past Fourth of July, my boyfriend, who happens to be an Iraq combat veteran, really struggled because of the residential fireworks.

I walked around the neighborhood and asked people to stop and was met with confusion and indifference, which begs the question: do you love America or just pyrotechnics?

Every year, I see people with flags hanging off their vehicles buying tons of fireworks while the man I love struggles to understand the actual lack of support for his struggles since coming home.

Put a flag on your vehicle? What if you actually read and respected flag code?

Love America? What if you supported the troops by not causing panic for those who fought for your freedom and have returned home and hear bombs every time the fireworks go in the air.

I don’t believe people love America as much as they say they do. They just love their ideas of whatever they believe America is.

Go ahead, prove me wrong.


Kristen Kessler



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Thank you for your comments. I think you are abosolutely right.

Thursday, July 8

Totally agree with you, these people are just using the 4th as an excuse to blow up things! They need to ban it!

Thursday, July 8