Letter to the Editor: Elect Hamilton to Chehalis School Board


The Chehalis School District has a good reputation, but we would do even better to have a school board that is engaged in the community to assure the best service and transparency.

I think Kelsi Hamilton would fully engage with the families. She has already demonstrated her ability to connect families to the school executives with her work getting schools opened last year. She is very, very approachable and you are welcome to email her at kelsihamilton@hotmail.com and see how readily she listens, empathizes and helps.

This personal connection to real people is her strongest quality and is one which would greatly enhance the school board.

She is also trustworthy and honest and can lead families to a greater confidence in Chehalis schools. As frustration with various policies and state mandates grows, electing Kelsi to connect families to the executive board would be wise.


Jody Kyes