Letter to the Editor: Emerson Has the Character and Qualifications for PUD Commissioner


We are truly blessed by God to live in a place where it remains our privilege to both elect and hold accountable those who serve in government. Unfortunately, most of us (including me) don’t often take the time to perform this most important duty of citizenship, so we suffer the unhappy consequences of unaccountable leadership. If we want better governance, we need to step up, and this coming election is one opportunity to do so. 

Every candidate for every office at every level has the potential to improve or further erode the state of our governance; so the character, qualifications and conduct of every candidate matters. You may not have given much thought to the position of Lewis County PUD commissioner that we’ll be electing shortly; and as is the case in many such races, maybe you’re just looking for a familiar name or face. 

I know Kevin Emerson very well, and consider him a close friend, having spent a great deal of time with him and his family, both in worship and recreational activities. We have not always agreed, even on some important matters, but he has always been truthful, transparent and open to talk through differences. He’s  the kind of person I would trust to lead in government where transparency is of the utmost importance.

I am voting for Kevin Emerson because I know he has the character, qualifications and conduct that will improve the state of our governance at the PUD. If you want to know more about Kevin and his history of improving the performance of other government agencies, go to kevinforcommissioner.com.


Ted Bowes

Lewis County