Letter to the Editor: Excitement for School Year Builds in Centralia Even Among Concerns


It is the most wonderful time of the year; the beginning of a new school year!

In Centralia, we are extremely excited to begin the 2021-22 school year on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021. We are even more excited to have students full time, five days a week. Thanks to the support of our community in the levy election, we also have middle and high school athletics in full swing. In addition, we are opening a Centralia K-12 virtual program to serve students that thrived in the virtual environment last year. Great things are happening in the Centralia School District!

As we begin the school year, students and staff will be masked and COVID safety protocols will be in place. I know some do not like the masks, but I know I am willing to wear a mask if it means we have students five days — full days! Outside of masks, the pandemic does continue to present challenges and opportunities to develop our problem-solving skills. At times, there are no perfect or simple answers that please everyone, and many of the concerns are highly emotional. But, we are stronger than any challenge we face. I am confident that working collaboratively within our district and with our community, we can and will overcome anything this pandemic brings, and our students will excel.

We are committed to our continual growth as a district in order to realize our vision that, “All students achieve academic and personal excellence!” We have a clear vision, mission and strategic plan and are taking intentional actions to move forward. In the coming school year, we are focused on building a positive culture, powerful core instruction, and student support systems. We know that a clear focus will move us forward faster and that these three areas are critical to our students’ success.

These are trying times in our community, state and country. I know there are many questions and concerns. If you have a question or concern regarding our school district, please reach out. You are welcome to email lgrant@centralia.wednet.edu or call 360-330-7600.

I look forward to the continued work with our community and to the successes of our district and students in the coming school year. I continue to be proud and honored to serve as your superintendent.



Lisa Grant

Superintendent, Centralia School District