Letter to the Editor: Facts Matter, But Apparently Not to Letter Writer


Another letter to the editor that is filled with unsubstantiated assertions as facts. In reference to the Sep. 23 letter from Madeline Bishop, there were no police officers killed at the Capitol on the day of Jan 6.

Democratic cities are in fact less safe. All the statistics substantiate this and nearly daily you can find horrendous crimes captured on camera of people getting beaten, stabbed, killed, carjacked, robbed, etc. Democrats run over and kill young conservatives and then justify it because the kid was a Republican.

Republicans aren't attacking the FBI. The FBI is attacking Republicans, and the conservatives are just calling out what they see the FBI doing.

If the FBI is the top law enforcement agency, where were they for Uvalde? He had social media posts threatening a school shooting. He was posting his guns online. Why were background checks approved when there were online threats of school shootings? Texas is a National Instant Criminal Background Check System state. So the FBI conducts the background check, and an online post threatening a school shooting didn't raise a red flag? The governor is not a law enforcement agency. Maybe law enforcement agencies should actually stop missing the flags or maybe they are too busy planning assaults on God-fearing parents and their kids.

Doing your research is a good idea before posting to make sure you believe you've accurately covered the facts, because in this case, the person saying people should do their research obviously did no such thing.


Jade Cady