Letter to the Editor: Feelings and Intentions All That Matter to Environmentalists


The proposal to turn Washington state forests into giant carbon sinks is quite sound. As long as you discount the need to provide a much needed commodity for society, the need to provide revenue for our schools and counties, the tens of thousands of jobs that are created and the sound management of our forests.

In keeping with typical overhyped revenue projections from the sale of carbon credits, evidently we can expect a huge revenue stream.

It should be proposed that this additional revenue be utilized for the generation of holographic rainbows throughout our forests, along with a unicorn introduction program. We could also employ fairies to fly around and pet the baby deer. What a wonderful, magical place our forests will be.

The proposal of course will have no discernable impact on our climate.

But for the avowed environmentalist, that doesn’t really matter.

Feelings and intentions are what matter.

This proposal will play well with the urban elite who can simply assuage their lifestyle guilt by buying a carbon credit. For those of us in the rural areas, not so well. It’s a terrible idea.


Rick Kuykendall